The International Bilingual Education Alliance is an exclusive network of high schools across Asia. Established in May 2020, the Alliance aims to connect schools through various inter-school activities, to support teachers, and to prepare students for an era of business-driven globalisation.

The main programme that all IBE Alliance schools run is the International Preparation Course in Business (IPCB). This course equips students with practical business knowledge and a good command of the English language.

As of the 27th of October, listed below are the schools who have recently become exclusive members of the IBE Alliance:

St. Joseph’s International School, Malaysia

FAME International College - campus

Chung Hua Independent High School, Malaysia

Institut Sinaran

SMA Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Solo, Indonesia

Institut Sinaran

SMA St. Paulus Pontianak, Indonesia

Institut Sinaran

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